on/in wisconsin

Guestroom, Lacrosse WI

I went to Wisconsin. I stayed in the perfect B&B. I gave a good talk. I read a good book. I ate orange cheese. I had no idea that Western Wisconsin looked so much like Vermont, except for the cheese, of course. I had good bus karma; my flight arrived in Logan early and I caught the bus I was going to just barely miss. I got back almost before dark. I slept.

I am formulating a plan for dealing with the front yard. I’d like to just mow it with the push mower, but when I try to do that one of my neighbors will invariably hassle me to use their mower and then watch me (clumsily, ineptly) do it. Maybe I’ll sneak out at night with nail scissors. If it were up to me I’d just let the damned thing grow.

What do you think?


  1. How about a light weight rechargeable electric weed whacker for that yard? That’s what I use – it seems to work better than an old-fashioned push mower, and is much lighter and more manageable than an a typical gas powered push mower. The only trick is to keep it level. There’s also something very soothing about swaying back and forth across the lawn and slowly erasing the tall weeds and grass.

  2. I love push mowers. So much less noise. Also a scythe might work, though it would take practice at using it, no doubt.

  3. I second the scythe. No one will hassle you to do anything with one of those babies in your hands.

  4. Next time you’re out that way, try to go to Galena, Illinois:

    Also, try the Kettle Moraine drive in southern Wisconsin, it’s awesome.

    I second the goat, my brother had one once and it did a good job of mowing his lawn. And eating anything else.