on leisure


I pretty much skipped the Virgo Month of Leisure last year and decided to get my lifeguard certificate instead. Two years ago Ola hadn’t yet left for the Peace Corps and I was preparing to caretake her house and greet my new roommate. I also made a list of what I’ve been doing about this time every year since 1998.

In 1998 I celebrated my 30th birthday in Guatemala and was pretty pleased with how it all went down. This year I’ll be celebrating my 40th, from my new apartment here in Vermont, and I’m also feeling pretty pleased. I’ll save the list-making for a few weeks from now, but this is just a peek at whether I’ll pull off any leisure time in the next thirty days.

As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t been working at the tech center this Summer which has been pretty good. It’s enabled me to unpack slowly and get settled here. I don’t start any real travelling-for-work for a few weeks, though I was in Maine last weekend and I’m doing a flyby to New York City at the end of next week. September will see me in Potsdam New York, Sacramento California and Marquette Michigan but then I’m not going anyplace far until I go to Kansas in October. I’m a little better equipped for travelling now also. I have a lightweight laptop and I just got an EVDO card from “work” [MetaFilter: the job that doesn’t seem like a job] so I can connect from pretty much anyplace, even the dead zones in my apartment where my cell phone doesn’t work.

So, I suspect the next week or so may actually be leisurely, after that it’s anyone’s guess. Here are a few links to other things you might like to look at.

I came home from the transfer station today [i.e. the dump] and there was a little paper bag of cucumbers on my steps. They were delicious.

What do you think?


  1. check out snowbound books in Marquette. we were just there and I love that bookstore. The public library is wonderful and big as well. Marquette is really nice, in a lot of ways. Drink some Bell’s and enjoy the u.p. if they ask where you want to eat, eat whitefish at the Vierling. I’m sure the folks who live there have better ideas but that’s the semi-annual visitor’s pick. If its september you can still put your toes in lake superior.

  2. I’ll second Snowbound books… A good bagel place and a vegetarian restaurant are 500 yards further up that road 3rd St.? (toward the university).

    Come on over to Houghton if you get an opportunity, the Keweenaw peninsula is especially great with the fall color change.