autumnal reverie

I spend a lot of time contemplating what sort of untimely death I might have. This time of year it’s hands down going to be careening off of some mountain pass while I am trying to get just the right photo of the trees out my car window. Some people ski. I do this.

Last night I was out on the little porch right before going to bed and I heard what I thought was a little animal clambering around in the trees, or on the ground, or someplace nearby. I listened some more and realized that what I was really hearing was leaves dropping off the trees and floating down to the ground. I could actually hear fall all around me. Terrific.

What do you think?


  1. i heard the same thing yesterday when walking home from work – at first I thought it was starting to rain, but then saw that the air was full of leaves drifting & falling

    nice to be surrounded by it, all the colors

    p.s. beautiful photo – please don’t die in a careening accident – thank you

  2. I have the same crazy habit. On my gorgeous 20-min drive thru the canyon to get to work inevitably I’m using my camera or phone to take pics. It’s all about balance.

  3. I once saw a guy driving through the Crawford Notch in a convertible, videotaping the foliage while sitting on the headrest of the front seat, steering with his feet.

    He survived the autumn, so I suppose the odds are in your favor, too.