a few people I met, remet, or just enjoyed seeing in SFO

Hey, that photo that I put up yesterday was on Serious Eats, check me out! It may also interest you to know that MetaFilter was one of Time magazine’s top blogs and that I was interviewed for an article on Ask MetaFilter that was in Slate this week. Here’s another AskMeFi story you might like.

The big difference between hanging out up in Vermont and hanging out in San Francisco is that most of the people I met or hung out with have URLs I can point people to that are live active websites. Most of my friends here have websites that are sort of functional. I am somewhere in the middle. Here are some URLs that go to people that I met.

  • Peter – his website has been the same pretty much since I’ve known him but now he’s married and has a kid.
  • George – actually a lady, she is looking for work after doing cool things at Flickr for a long time.
  • Mike – I sort of met at SXSW and now we’re twitter buddies enough so that when I had a few free hours I could tweet “you free?” and he was like “sure” and we chitchatted about drupal and web nonsense and it was totally fun.
  • Judith – my long time friend and owner of Lyle, who always shows me a good time.
  • Bryan – probably the person I’ve known online the longest without actually meeting. His indy junior map graced my travel page for a while. Now I use DOPPLR.
  • Courtney – I met her briefly at Burning Man but got to eat burritos with her She created the cloud bed, she is a genius.
  • Liz – is at the Berkeley ischool, we talked about library stuff. She knows my friend Aaron.
  • Mike – used to work at Adaptive Path with a bunch of people I know, we yammered on for a long time about… transportation systems.
  • Mike – another Mike who, towards the end of the party when I finally said who I was, said “oh, from MetaFilter?”
  • Erika – went to Dartmouth and is taller in real life than she seems in her headshots.
  • Molly – I met again at SXSW this year and we talked about academia and Princeton and pneumatic tubes.
  • Jennifer – gave us a sober ride home from the party for which I am eternally grateful.
  • Yorvit and Roswell – part of the household that took me home when I was trapped at the airport and fed me snacks and watched the Oscars with me. Wonderful folks, maybe without websites?

That’s who I know off the top of my head. I figured I’d drop this all here in case people were curious.

What do you think?


  1. Wow! That is completely awesome, Jessamyn! What a great recognition of the value of the community and the value of your nurturing of that community. It looks like I might be teaching a class on online communities for Spring 2010 for SJSU — will definitely be asking you to be a guest speaker when we talk about nurturing/stimulating communities, since some may not realize that it’s much more about people than about technology.

  2. Sweet, new blogs to read! Thanks, Jessamyn!