love & taxes

Happy Valentine's Day

I spent today in slackjawed head-shaking bemusement at what a crazy mess my taxes are. The good news is that last year was a windfall year and I made more money than in the past 2-3 years combined. Yay me. The bad news is I can’t remember what combination of magical keystrokes in TurboTax helps me find the depreciating computers in my taxes from last year. Yeah, that’s not really bad news.

I logged out of my computer for the first time in quite a while in order to set up a guest account for some couch surfers who are coming through for the NOFA conference this weekend. When I logged back in, the login window (which I never use normally) said “good morning, I love you” which is, I think, a note to me from me, written and forgotten back sometime when I first set this computer up.

I’m heading out later to fetch my fella from the bus station. He’s up for a short weekend of snowshoeing, backwoods gourmet eating and some northern New England R&R. I sent out some postcards from this NYPL gallery earlier today and haven’t heard from much of anyone. It’s been a real radio silent day, perhaps the Superbowl equivalent for my set. I am wearing a t-shirt with a little heart on it and that’s about as far as I’m going in the hearts-roses-<3 direction today.

What do you think?