valentine’s day bookshelves


There was a small amount of “Are you doing something special with Jim today?” questioning on Sunday, which seems normal. The short answer was “no, we decided not to” and the longer answer has more to do with the nature of long-distance relationships and the fact that we’d been together both the weekend previously and will see each other this coming weekend. We did more of a five-day virtual thing. I sent him some bamboo to his office on Friday [who knew you could use frequent flyer miles on bamboo?], we played Scrabble on Saturday, sent some schmoopy photos back and forth on Sunday and talked yesterday. Today I’m heading to the post office to pick up my valentine [received: 1210 songs with love in the title, wowie!]. And tomorrow I’m leaving town for three weeks.

The three weeks thing was sort of a gaffe. I made plans to go give a talk on a day I wasn’t actually free. I’ve never done this in six years of speaking, so I apologized like crazy and said “Pick a new date and I’ll go down there!” The date they picked — this is the NorthEast Florida Library Information Network — was wedged firmly between two existing trips, one to house- and pet-sit for my Dad while he goes to Mexico and one trip to Alaska. So as much as 2010 is going to be the Year of Sensible Travel, March is going to be a little insensible.

So I did the be-your-own-valentine thing and assembled some bookshelves that I’ve been sort of slow-motion working on for a few months. I made a valentine for my facebook friends and added a different photo to Flickr. I sent some email and had some fried cheese for dinner [on sale at the supermarket!] and had a bangup hilarious phone call with my favorite [and only] sister and called it a day. Moderate expectations, amply exceeded, and a five day Valentine’s Day. Hope you had, have, or are having a happy whatever-you-have.

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