I am not moving. I am happy here. However, according to Google the town has moved to someplace in the north part of Lake Champlain. Yes, in the water. This is weird and sort of amusing. The only reason I happen to know this is because I was giving two different folks directions to my house and they both said “I thought you lived in the center of the state?” and I said “I do… WTF?” I have submitted a bug report. I am curious to see how long it takes to resolve this. If you can’t recreate the Fake Randolph on your own, you can click this link to see what I (sometimes) see. You can search for 05060 to see where the town really is.

What do you think?


  1. It’s happening for me too. I have noticed in the past that Google Maps spells some things on the map as “Randolf” too. I’ll submit a bug report.

  2. Just did some tests, and it appears that the commas may matter. I changed your link from “burlington vt TO randolph vt” to “Burlington, VT TO Randolph, VT” and it drew the map correctly.

  3. If you google braintree vt, then randolph vt, you will get the town. Then if you google burlington vt then randolph vt, you get the lake. Or if you google 05060, then randolph vt, you get the town. So it seems if you get close, google can find the town.

  4. I sometimes wonder if this isn’t the digital equivalent of the fake cities on old maps.