no particular place to go

As is typical, I’m back from a short trip [quickie hello Boston!]. I went to the gym to get some exercise and now I have the sniffles. Sometimes I wonder if I am just allergic to my home and have only a subconscious understanding of this and that’s why I travel so much. Or I am allergic to exercise maybe?

I got a non-apology from United Airlines that came with a $250 certificate for future travel which is pretty okay when I just asked them to refund the $8 I spent on parking for my dopey abortive trip to Portland. Along with all the meals with friends that I am not having in Oregon, I also missed a chance to talk to my book editor about my impending book. I got an extention on the thing til June and I’m sort of in the hustle phase of writing about the digital divide and technology instruction at public libraries.

The good news is that this is not difficult. The bad news is that I am a terrible procrastinator. Or rather, I am a good procrastinator. I am pretty alright at putting other “to do” things in the path of my non-writing so that, for example, I finished up my taxes yesterday. I rarely just click idly around the internet, though I am slightly captivated by the OwlCam. The trick at this juncture is not worrying about writing enough, but making sure I don’t leave anything out. I have checklists. I finally paid for Scrivener. I made a backup. Now I just need to … keep beginning.

What do you think?