the wind-down


I traveled down to MA last weekend so I got to get a little more Autumn since it’s been finished up here for weeks. I’ve heard reports of snow, but haven’t seen any yet myself. Also just returned from Regina, SK where they brag about 40 below winters where I thought our 20 below weeks were badass. Then I thought, hey that’s metric! But no, it’s not.

I got back late last night after a pretty long day. The only reason I got out of my pajamas today was because my landlady came over to help me figure out why one of my radiators wasn’t heating. I didn’t get dressed because of that. I got dressed because in our attempts to bleed the radiator, my landlady lost the little screw and we were both scooting around in a bit of a panic trying to corral the hot water which was shooting everywhere. I took the sink trap apart in order to retrieve the screw she’d accidentally dropped down the drain, and in the process broke the drainpipe clean in two [it had been rotting for a while] and at that point it looked like time to get dressed. I like being someone with a toolbox. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t had vise grips and a big ass set of pliers.

I spent a lot of the day laying on the telephone couch looking out the window marvelling at how I can now spy on all the birds including a large-seeming pileated woodpecker that is loving the rotten tree ends. Tasty bugs.

I got email from my editor this weekend saying “OK, Jessamyn, you’re officially “handed off” to production. Congratulations!” which I guess is good news. I think this is the point at which they irrevocably commit to publishing/purchasing it, since before that I was basically writing on spec, though they did solicit the manuscript from me. The whole thing has been confusing but mostly good and my editor is a peach. I have gotten to the point where I am calling the book “that goddamned book” so I guess you’re not really done with anything until you can’t stand the sight of it. I still have the index to write. I’m thinking about my next book. I apparently never learn.

What do you think?


  1. Wanna co-author one about geolocation dealies? Surely we’re halfway there with CiL articles! :)

  2. Production eh? Getting closer! Congratulations