1, 2, 3 and A, B, C

Josh recently did this, reminding me that I’ve been meaning to do this. The alphabet, according my browser’s URL autocomplete suggestions:

A is for Amazon – because I have a smart keyword set up for it.
B is for – for no reason I can immediately understand.
C is for Couchsurfing – I hosted some nice people recently.
D is for Dashboard of the library website – Yes, I am confused too.
E is for Ebay – Another smart keyword.
F is for Flickr – which I guess is better than facebook.
G is for Gmail – which should come as no surprise.
H is for Homemade Jam – Matthew’s website.
I is for Inbox – Another way of saying gmail.
J is for jessamyn’s profile – I’ve been editing it lately.
K is for this photo – A mystery image from this question.
L is for Learned League – Where I am a member.
M is for – and I’m not sure why. I’m rarely there.
N is for airbNb – Because there’s not much starting with N, I guess.
O is for Open Library – They are wonderful.
P is for Paperback Swap – Again.
Q is for the Anonymous Queue at MetaFilter – No, I will not link it.
R is for REBOOT – The shortcut to where I have spent a lot of time managing busted internet lately.
S is for Stan’s Twitter – I sent him a message today.
T is for Twitter – I usually use Syrinx but sometimes I go to the website.
U is for USAA – The best bank.
V is for Vermont Library Association – I made that site!
W is for – The tech support guy sent me there to see if my internets were working. They were
X is for Unicode Xmas Tree – Tis the season.
Y is for Youtube – Specifically ladybug-sprinkles video.
Z is for this old article about Led Zeppelin – I made a MetaFilter post with that article in it a long time ago.

I’ve learned a little bit more about Firefox and a bit more about my browsing habits. I amended this slightly to make mysterious entries a little less mysterious.

What do you think?