doldrum two step

flowers in the window

Some times of the year I feel pretty unexcited about my lack of progress in various things. This time of year it feels like a huge success to just be treading water in place or quite possibly taking tiny incremental steps towards getting some things accomplished. A lot of the people around me have a tough time in the short days of the new year and I feel slightly guilty just being able to say that I’m not in my own personal doldrums.

Some small accomplishments

  • Made a little video of the birds in the snow
  • Kept all my current plants alive.
  • Went out snowshoeing, twice, and got tuckered out each time.
  • Reorganized the shelf of shame on my bookshelf where I’d just been tossing stuff that didn’t belong elsewhere.
  • Ditto the Closet of Boxes which is now empty.
  • Got my copyedits in on time and mostly complete. The incomplete part was all my fault and a technology error. Oh my!
  • Got some headshots taken which has convinced me that I need some sort of haircut. There are a few examples on Flickr (me, me and Jim)
  • Got to the gym once and realized I may not have been running since late September.
  • Got a boomerang in the mail. This is not an accomplishment but pleases me just the same.

That’s the short report. Writing a little blah blah thing here was also on my “to do” list, now completed.

What do you think?