while I’m making other plans

I leave today for a few days in Texas with a stop in Boston on the way out and back. I’m giving a longish [80 minute] talk that is more or less all new. I’m excited about it but at the same time having a hard time putting all the final pieces together. The good news is that I am the sort of crazy person who procrastinates doing one thing, by doing others. So I’ve…

  • Started rowing with the indoor rowing machine my friend gave me when he moved to Portland Oregon.
  • Pruned my mossariums
  • Paid all my outstanding bills
  • Started my taxes. Read up on how I’d ask for an extension on my taxes. Probably deciding against it.
  • Gotten down to inbox five.
  • Made sure the “libraries I’ve visited” listing is up to date.
  • Backed up my hard drive
  • Unpacked the stuff from my car from when I went down to my Dad’s
  • Started planning an Autumn trip to Michigan
  • Updated all my apps
  • Almost finished the math-y book I’m reading
  • Won a few Scrabble games
  • Assessed the state of my mutual funds [upshot: eh]
  • Installed my landlady’s printer
  • Read the paper
  • Did some HR stuff at MeFi Inc
  • Nearly finished companion website for the book [sneak peek here, it’s not done]
  • Recorded an old Cordelia’s Dad cassette from when they played in the Pioneer Valley in 1988 or ’89.
  • Got lost in the unicode tables looking for a good wingding.
  • Figured out how to use OSX’s Automator program to export my notes for my talk
  • Wrote this.

What do you think?