inward looking out

The librarian at home

I finally got a series of headshots that are me with the newish haircut. One of the downsides of having shorter hair is that it looks different a lot. Long hair is sort of always long no matter how you wear it. Anyhow, a local photographer friend came over and we did about fifteen minutes of chatting and 45 minutes of photographing and now I have a decent series of professional-lady pictures which should serve me well. I’d love to get this photo to replace the one of me that’s in Wikipdia, but I’m sort of not supposed to do that myself. Any takers?

And an update on last weekend’s walk. We were up at seven am, on the road by eight and had walked almost nine miles by noon. The food shelf fundraiser had 60+ walkers and four dogs and raised over 21K. Pretty exciting stuff. Thanks to everyone who supported me. I was surprised how not-achey my legs were for the rest of the day; I was mostly just sleepy from not having gotten enough sleep from the night before. Wednesday was the first neighborhood fun run where I ran a mile. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I’ve usually been able to hold my own when running with the neighborhood children who seem to be the only other people who only run a mile (most adults go for two miles or 5K). Usually I run with Rachel and we go slowly. This time I ran fast since I’m not that good at pacing myself. The good news was I ran an 11-ish minute mile. The bad news was that is TOO FAST for me and I was achey in the thighs and calves for the next two days. Which is always a bummer when you live up 28 stairs.

So it’s off to the gym for me today to try to work some stamina and stretching into those muscles. I’ve got a new birdfeeder here so it’s a little difficult to tear myself away from the Woodpecker Window but it’s nice knowing that it’s as lovely outside as it is in, I’ve heard.

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