in bed with cocoa and some bright light bulbs

ready for trick or treaters

Usually I’m traveling too much to get additionally disoriented by the time change. This year I did take a quick trip down to Massachusetts (hiking and checking out the big GOREDSOX city with Jim) over time-change weekend but was back at home to watch it get dark really early tonight. I’m happy there’s nothing I really need to power through.

The last few weeks have mostly been a flurry of baseball-watching and realizing that I’d been stuck on finishing one book for a month. The book was really great [title: A Calculating People] a story about how people learned math in Colonial times in the US and how that gradually changed over time so that now Americans are seen as somewhat number-obsessed by people from elsewhere. However, it was also dense and sort of put my reading gear into low. Once I wrapped it up, I was raring to start a bunch of other books of various stripes and finished a lot of them quickly. Knowing there’s a pattern means that I no longer spend much time worrying “Geez, have I just finally stopped reading?” though those thoughts creep in from time to time.

Similarly, last year when we didn’t do dress-up-and-hand-out-candy with my friends in the neighborhood, I was a bit concerned that maybe we were done with that particular tradition. I like traditions and I like patterns. I’m that lady who goes into the sandwich shop and orders “the usual” and gets (secretly) a little out of sorts if there’s a new person who makes it differently (it’s not them, it’s me, I know that; my coping technique is unstoppable). iTunes updates rattle me. So it was not just a good time but a relief to go hand out candy to hundreds of local kids all while dressed as a bee. And then we retired to eat pizza and talk about Halloweens past and what costumes we might think about for next year. It was a good toe-dip into the season of traditions and expectations and events. A few weeks til the next one, and I’m in bed with a good book.

What do you think?


  1. I will always be here with you. I will always keep our tradition.

  2. I’m like that about the change-o-phobia. I think it goes with the onions on my belt :)

  3. I really do wish a door in my house opened up in your town. You and Kelly would be the best neighbors.

    I like to find something only that restaurant makes and get that forever. The only problem is when they aren’t consistent. There is a gastropub on Beacon Hill that seems to make their pimento cheese and bacon (with strawberry jam!) sandwich different every time I’m there.

  4. That “A Calculating People” link is broken, it would be nice to read it and compare – I’m on the other side of course being a Brit, but I think that “disagreement” is behind us now :-)

    I like stable foods and prep methods too but I’m learning to trust others’ choices in these mainly as Mrs “Chris” is Indian and of course has far more widespread food tastes and preferences than I. I make it a point to stretch and try something new or a new method of something I know each time – my envelope is brown paper based but I like to stretch it.

    That said (tapped) I tend to go to the local Indian place and order the same Vegetarian Dosa that I had last time mainly because I liked it so much – NYOM NYOM – and it is so filling.

    I’ve even tried to make them at home which is a risk, especially as last time I went to the restaurant they needed 3 goes to get a Dosa which worked, and they are the experts. We get a hit rate of about 50% eatable, and 10% restaurant / street food quality.

    So seeing a fast-food style stall at the local Mela a couple of months ago hitting 100% for both was really tasty and annoying at the same time.

    Grrr, Nyom…