where to find me, socially


I don’t have a good touchstone single-point place where I mention all the other places I might be, so here’s the place for now. I have a resolution to try to mesh more of my online presences. Not like single-stream or anything but at least not have Instagram-jessamyn seem any different than Twitter-jessamyn. Its all me after all.

In short: if you want to get ahold of me there are a lot of good relatively synchronous methods. You can also come visit, the guest bed is nice. If you just want to maybe know what I am up to or share some sort of media stuff, there are a few places where you can get my attention, or tell me I should get yours. Some of these are the usual places. Some are new.

Personal spaces that I more or less own: this blog (crossposted to facebook), blog (crossposted to twitter), for people who might want to hire me, the books I read, the movies I’ve seen.

Social spaces: facebook, twitter, tilde club sandbox (I built a store!), flickr for chunks of pictures, MLKSHK for goofy pictures (crossposted to Tumblr), Instagram for a photo a day (crossposted to facebook), Tumblr for my JP blog, for one link a day.

I do writing on Medium but that’s more “read me” than “interact with me” though I love getting people’s comments and I guess you can follow me there. I never did much with Ello. I never interacted much on YouTube, though I’ve put a few videos there. I use Slack for a few work-oriented things and I like it. I’m on a lot of random mailing lists.

What do you think?


  1. How do I “catalog” or file your places so I can consistently access your writings like a page I would have open on my computer (which is dead, so I would use my iPhone.) ?

  2. Probably just link to this blog post so you can follow links from it? A lot of them are places you can “follow” me if you use the site or service (Instaram, for example, but it will also cross-post to facebook). Usually following me on facebook and twitter gets the bulk of what I write.

  3. Dear Jessamyn,
    I run across your writing on a fairly regular basis and am a fan, but just noticed that you are a “collector of mosses.” Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things? If not, you must!
    All the best,