I never feel like I mind the winter too much–I went walking nearly every day, I saw people and did things–but when it starts to recede I notice myself feeling better. I know the media has been making a lot of The Great Resignation but I’d just like to chime in how it’s affected me personally. Since the beginning of COVID, these people in my life have resigned, retired, or left their jobs for other jobs (I don’t think any of them have been fired but how would I know?).

  • Therapist: retired (her husband was already retired, we had a normal wind-down of our professional relationship)
  • GI Doc: left (don’t know why, but wasn’t actively seeing her)
  • Second GI Doc: left (got my test results (fine), talked about a strategy and he said “Today’s my last day!”)
  • Psych nurse: left (had an appointment, got a call four days later to schedule my follow-up with someone else)
  • Dentist: quasi-retired (“I may still see patients, I don’t want to run my own practice”)
  • Primary care doc: retired (got a very nice note “It’s been an honor to serve as your doctor” and he’s still a neighbor so I’ll see him around)
  • Second therapist: “on leave” (I do not know what this means, hoping she comes back)

As for me, I’ve resigned from the Vermont Humanities Council board after my first term (last year) and resigned from The 251 Club board after my first term (this year) and I stopped picking up extra shifts at MetaFilter (last year) and I feel like the rest of my stuff is more or less the same? Work has been slowly picking up even as Operation Sell Magic Castle has been going kind of steady. Kate’s birthday is next week so I’m leaving the state for… the second time this year? Please wish me luck, I could always use a little more.

What do you think?


  1. Follow whichever Covid protocols make you comfortable. I have flown masked on a plane and I have dined unmasked in restaurants. I am in good health and think the “coast is clear” so to speak. Good luck.

  2. Wishing you every bit of luck that is out there. Your breakdown of the “castle” has been extensive and sounds exhausting. Hope it resolves. Also seeing the edges fraying in teachers. All of us are looking to some healing this year.

  3. Good luck with all the things! ????

  4. Hi! Good luck! Having a good thought for you this morning— you were always so friendly and cool and smart and generous with encouragement and kind gestures. And you’re always bringing people together— I very much admire your civic-mindednes. Anyway, if you find yourself in NYC this summer, maybe we can get coffee or something? And there is this really great library designed by Stanford White, who was shot and killed by some guy who who was jealous of White and and maybe a little crazy. White had been (or was at the time of the shooting) involved with Evelyn Nesbit (sic) and in 1906, jealous guy shot and killed White at Madison Sq Theater. Anyway, the library is now part of Bronx Community College; library tours/visits are by appointment only. Or we can just get coffee. Ha. Anyway, I was just thinking about you so I thought I’d send you an inappropriate note disguised as a comment…