kicking the tires

old newspaper image of some kind of chassis for a train or something. all you see are the wheels
For only the third time in its life I’ve moved this site to a new host. Or rather, my host is moving to a new host which means moving all the content over and making sure the things still work. So far it looks like they do. It’s hot here and I took a nap today which probably means I’m feeling a little iffy but I wanted to put a post here to make sure the blogmachine was working. If you can read this, it is!

What do you think?


  1. and the RSS feed correctly picked up too!

  2. I love RSS!

    I don’t know if you have control over this, but the email and URL entry fields aren’t tagged as such. So on mobile devices they don’t get their dedicated keyboards and instead capitalize the first letter and perform autocorrect.

  3. Oh that’s good to know Steve, I am using some old-ish WordPress theme and I’ll see if it has an update.

  4. who are you using these days? i miss lishost

  5. Dani — I’m using a friend’s colo for this and I’ve got hosted with ibiblio (they offer free accounts to people who have a lot of cultural content, I’ve been there for a long time) and I like them but only certain kinds of sites are eligible. I’m not sure who is in the low-cost hosting space except for 1and1 (or whatever they’re called now) and