little movie about bethel

I made another little video, this one is actually decent and may transcend boring though I do use the adjective “little” far too often. It’s just me walking around my town but I managed to put a vocal track (all in one take!), and and audio track and keep some of the original sounds and I think the mix works pretty well. Every time I go to the VT International Film Festival, I leave thinking “I’d like to make a little movie.” This year I finally got off my ass and learned to do it. Like many technological things, it’s not hard to do at all, but I’m finding it a real challenge to learn to do well.

What do you think?


  1. I wonder if the giant bird might have been a great blue heron? They perch in trees sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing the movie!

  2. great movie, I am such a big Jessamyn fan. My family has a cabin in Gaysville, we go every year. 5th generation now. You keep my heart in Vermont, since I can’t be there all the time, you make me feel like I am.

  3. I really liked the voice-over and the video content, but it made me sick to my little stomach, which is something that happens to me very rarely. (And, ok, it’s more of a big gut than a little stomach, but a man can hope.)

  4. Very nice. Vermont has such a specific flavor when the trees are bare and the river is high. I miss it. I dug around on YouTube for something like a stroll in my area and the best I could find was a bit of the road between home and office. But you can sense a similar delicate flavor.