someone’s fancy

I’m not so great at bragging and I always think that saying what I’m up to sounds like bragging so I’ll say this quick and be done with it. There is some good news.

    My panel was accepted to be at SXSW. I’m in good company. Thanks to anyone and everyone who voted. Now I just have to do the thing. Exciting. I admit there’s a subculture tourism aspect to it that I’m not totally pleased with. After hearing everyone talk about how we live in the FUTURE where everything is at everyone’s fingertips, always, I figured I should do something with all the steam coming out of my ears. This is that thing. If I have my way — there are still a lot of steps before the panel is staffed, slotted and scheduled — I’ll have another librarian talking about the urban digital divide that she sees and I’ll contrast my rural perspective. Woo!

  • And, I don’t know how to really say this, but I am judging a New Yorker’s photography contest. I KNOW RIGHT? Here is where you can see my name on the blog announcing it (a great blog, btw). You have five days to upload a photo of your pet to The New Yorker dressed as your favorite literary figure.

What more joy could this week bring? Tomorrow I go to Iowa.

What do you think?


  1. Good for you on both counts – you know you deserve it. But I’m personally happy about the SXSW digital divide panel. At NELA, Stephen Abrams was talking about the digital divide and quipped that DVD would be a dead format in 5 years so how are we preparing to dump those collections. My reaction was, What? We’re librarians – we still support VHS, audio cassette, and who knows what else, because people use those as much as they use mp3s and mp4s. When talking about bridging the digital divide, libraries need to focus on the “bridge” part – not just jumping across to keep up with the latest and greatest. Blah blah blah…