li’l movies

If last year was any indication, it will take another week until I feel that my entire brain is back from Australia but I’ve done better at waking up before noon lately, though the obscene phone call (I think it was obscene, I couldn’t really make out what the kid was saying) at 1 am didn’t help. I’ve decided to learn a new skill: making little movies. I spent part of our road trip hanging out the window taking little videos of the Great Ocean Road and side of the road sights. When I got back I tried to put them together into something that wasn’t just clip-clip-clip-end. Then I tried it again with some different scenery yesterday. Neither of them are high art filmmaking but they have some neat things to look at and some okay music. Every year when I go to the VT Film Festival I say “I should make a little movie” and now I think I may know how to go do that. Also, thanks to YouTube, you can see them.

  1. Great Ocean Road video
  2. Exit Four is Vermont’s Best Exit

What do you think?


  1. I liked your movies. What is the second song in the Great Ocean Road video?

    I think Exit 4 is pretty damned, cool, but the rest stop near Exit 2 has Wifi!

  2. The second song is This Old Love by Lior.

    Exit 2 has wifi but it’s not free (or wasn’t the last time I checked) so as far as I’m concerned it’s worse than no wifi at all.

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