my year in cities and towns, 2008

Places I stayed in 2008. Again, I’m heading in an upward direction. I think this will change this year. However I said that last year. Here’s a picture and a list. Here’s the list for 2007 of places I stayed that were not my house. As before, stars indicate multiple visits to the exact same place. Numbers indicate number of distinct guestrooms at each location. I started adding the photos to the map, but I sort of gave up. Seems a little weird to geolocate my friends’ houses and it’s a LOT of places. Back of the envelope calculations are 106 or so nights away from home, though many of them happened the month or so when I was moving. 2007, 2006, 2005

[all the guestrooms I stayed in, in 2008]

Bethel, VT (early 2008 home)
Randolph, VT (late 2008 home)

Manchester, NH *
Somerville, MA (2) *
San Francisco, CA (2)
Boxboro, MA *
Montreal, QC
Austin, TX
East Lansing, MI
Amherst, MA *
Regina, SK
Latham, NY
Saratoga Springs, NY
Burlington, VT (2)
Lacrosse, WI
Randolph, VT
Westport, MA *
Farmington, CT
Los Angeles, CA
Anaheim, CA (2)
Portland, OR
Washington DC
Ballson, VA
Braintree, VT
Belmont, MA *
Kittery, ME
Hoboken, NJ
East Village, NY
Canton, NY
Sacramento, CA
Marquette, MI (2)
Damariscotta, ME
North Chelmsford, MA
Lawrence, KS
Overland Park, KS
Hayesville, KS
Manitou Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Albany, NY

What do you think?


  1. Wow, that is impressive when they are all stacked together like that. You need to make a poster of beds or something.

  2. Haha poster beds. What the lighting obscures is that many of these are my sister’s house, but still it’s not mine.