go go sfo Jun 4, 2006
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One of the side effects of using blogging software is that I don't say "Oh, it's the beginning of the month, I should archive and update the new page." just another interesting [to me] observation of how our choice of tools affects our behaviors.

I'm in California, after an easy [and cheap!] flight out here Friday night. Saturday I hung out with the cats a lot of the day and then headed in to the city with no particular place to go. I got on a bus with a bunch of chattering Google employee hipsters. I went, naturally, to the library where I ran into my friend Jane and this guy Alan who I had met when I was speaking at San Jose last year. Alan is starting a fast today, so he invited me over for dinner with some of his other friends "to eat the rest of my food." We went to the Rainbow Grocery where I introduced Alan to my cheesemonger pal Gordon.

I helped Alan do some cooking, met his friends and hung out until my East Coast internal clock was begging for mercy. Came home with even more food -- sort of nice because there's no handy corner store up here on Potrero Hill -- and went out to what I guess is the Dogpatch area with James and Shinjoung for brunch. Now I'm back and uploading my pictures, planning to get outside into the sun at this point. I think between my library stop and food today, I have filled up my social calendar for the week. I'm not sure if this is the good nes or the bad news. Seems good so far.
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