So for whatever reason I decided I wanted to learn how to make those serious business hair buns the same week it turns out that I need glasses for reading. I’ve always been of mixed feelings about my perfect vision. Like, yes it’s good to be able to see when you wake up and all the rest but for someone in my line of work it’s good to have glasses! And I’ve got too much dignity (most of the time) to wear ones I don’t need. As this picture shows not having a need for glasses doesn’t mean I don’t HAVE glasses, I just rarely get to do anything with them.

On the first of December I woke up like I always do and did some reading (this book about the Metric system, really good) and I felt more than usual “Gee it’s taking my eyes some time to warm up this morning” and then I remembered my Pile of Random Glasses and sure enough, looking through one of the many pairs made all the words on the page that much clearer. People who knew my dad knew that this was sort of an ongoing joke with him. Eye troubles and multiple pairs of glasses and eyedrops and shirts that had to have pockets so that he could carry all of his glasses around. Jim is getting to be a bit like this. Now it’s my turn! I have at least a few pairs of these glasses that work for reading, so I have them placed next to anywhere in my house that I read. This is a total of about four places. If I am smart I bring a pair with me.

So then there’s the bun thing. I’ve been half-assing hair buns for a while and decided I wanted a nice way of putting my hair up that didn’t scream “I half-assed this!” So I asked my librarian friends about how to do a bun right and the answer surprised me: you use socks. Or you can anyhow. So I tried it and it’s fun and stupid and most of all it looks AWESOME WITH MY GLASSES. So that is it. The end. I made a YouTube playlist of useful bun videos. It’s been a long sometimes rocky year but I hope to be ending it on a high note.