machinery and nerdery

a small metal goblet looking thing

The last time I went to the American Precision Museum, about twelve years ago, my mom was still alive and I made this little video of her pushing a button to make the machines run, and it made us both happy. This time I was meeting the father of an internet friend who is the guy who keeps all the machines running. He gave me an epic after-hours tour and seemed as happy to keep telling me about all the weird stuff they had there as I was to learn about it all. I took a random assortment of photos (mostly of cranks, why?) and I figured I’d leave a link to them here. The picture above is a teeny little drinking cup type thing which I watched John make out of a solid piece of metal using one of these machines. Hope you enjoy any of it as much as I did. The museum is in Windsor Vermont and they have discount passes to it at the library in town.