pen drawer overhaul - towards the end

Tired of talking about my ankle (improved but still painful) or my weight (staying the course) or even Vermont in the Autumn (lovely) so this is a short update to say that being at home is great and I’ve really seriously decided to do less travel-for-work this school year. This involves saying “No, thank you.” a lot. Eventually this may lead to a decrease in overall speaking requests or, who knows, maybe an increase in the amount people are willing to pay me to come speak to them. For now, I have no get-on-a-plane talks scheduled. I have two panel discussions scheduled for October (NELA and in re: books) and I believe that’s it for 2012.

This is just fine since there is a lot to do around here. The house got filled with moths and fuzz in my absence which just highlights how little I’ve been around since May really. And, as I say over and over, I like it here.

So the Pen Drawer Overhaul was a late night project where I cleaned out my pen drawer and got rid of all the slacker pens that take up space but don’t do anything. There’s just a small amount of extra psychic energy I get back from not thinking “Gee I should really do something about that…” And my Albatross List has dwindled from big things like “sell house” and “retrieve things from friend’s basement” to “make dentist appointment” and “dust.” Not bad for autumn-slipping-in-to-winter.