The To Read pile - 1/1/12

So yesterday was the first and since I’d felt like I’d been totally social all week I had a don’t-leave-the-house day and just cleaned up all the silted-in crap that had been lingering on the “one of these days…” lists. So I got the vacuum out, and framed and hung some photos that had been sitting around, and piled all the “to read” books into one big pile, and cleaned the yik off of the dish drainer, and mailed off some overdue notes and papers and stuff, and put away some stuff that really should go away. It was great. I even got the rowing machine out and flailed around on it a bit. I was also able to blow my nose finally according to doctor’s orders. Gross but fascinating!

I woke up today in a house that didn’t seem like a project. It’s easy to blame the short grey days and prednisone and holiday eating for feeling sluggish and unmotivated, but that doesn’t really help with the actual getting up and getting stuff done part. Internet people have taught me that “fake it until you make it” tends to work for things like this, so I got up and got dressed as if I actually had stuff to do and sure enough, got stuff done.

The exercise thing is more of a small part of my life now than it was back when I was swimming at least a few miles a week. I had another shoulder problem this year which was probably brought on by NOT swimming as much (I think it corrects for some of my over-mousing). That, combined with the nose stuff and bereavement/travel stuff made it a pokey year, exercise-wise. That said, it looks like I didn’t even do an end-of-the-year exercise post last year. My goal this year is to do a few miles of something every week, and I’m happy that I have four pleasant choices of ways to do that.

Am also focusing on Albatross List tasks including things like Sell My House and Get Stuff from Indiana [formerly Seattle] and both are proceeding but if you have help/suggestions, I’m all ears. Thanks. And happy new year.

Sumer Is Icumen In

elmo and me

I gave my last talk of the season (i.e. through September) on Friday and one of the librarians in the audience made my day with this quote

Fantastic talk about libraries and CMS by the funny and animated @jessamyn. I swear she’s part Muppet. #nelaits

The talk, which I was actually pretty pleased with, was about content management systems, why they’re important to running a library website and how they’re not that scary. You can see the details here and read more about the day here.

Lat week was the wrap-up of three out of five of the things that I do that could be considered jobs. I taught my last class at RTCC, my last drop-in time happened and I wrote and presented my last talk. I’m back at home now, looking at a greenish sky and some very green trees waiting for rain and thinking about how my summer is going to go. I’m still working at MetaFilter — the site is turning ten next month so I’m going to New Orleans for a party (for work!) — and I’m still slowly automating the Tunbridge Library. Otherwise I’m going to have a shocking amount of free time. I’m not going to have much trouble with this, I’m pretty much never bored, but after getting into the habit of being out of town all the time (I was either gone or had guests here for all or part of the last eight weekends) it will be weird to get into the habit of being IN town.

I’ve already been slashing through my back burner to do list including buying a bigger/better backpack, fixing the toilet, paying some large bills (Topsham has a new furnace, hooray!) and taking out the accumulating recycling. I got rid of four (4) computers a week or two ago and I’m going to get back to my occasional ebaying. Other odd things on the list include

  • Getting some gravel to make more mossariums. I’m a little chagrined to have to buy gravel, but I’m even more tired of finding out of the way places to scoop it up
  • Get the purple bike running and taking pictures
  • Finishing some of the five or so books that I’ve started
  • Crossing fingers for warm enough weather to remove the flannel sheets
  • Getting a new driver’s license to replace the bent one I lost
  • Getting a new passport for the old one that is expiring
  • Write a lot of thank you notes
  • Getting back in the pool, the pool that was closed for two of the past few weeks, putting a serious crimp in my stress-management plan.
  • Recording more old tapes.

I think I’ve also figured out how to climb the hill out back to get to that really snazzy looking place up top with the great view and I’d like to start making walks up there a regular part of my weekdays. Solstice is coming up and it can’t come soon enough.