My year in cities and towns, 2007

There have been a few of these annual lists before this one — 2006, 2005. My guess, if I had to make one, is that this year marks the apogee for me travel-wise and I am likely to get closer to my own home in 2008, maybe. Then again I thought I’d make another post in 2007; I do know that “penultimate” does mean “second to last” and not “best.”

I travelled out of the country five times last year and out of North America twice. I stayed in 38 locations in 45-ish guestrooms and I took 59 photos of them. I was away from home 95 nights, it looks like. This is why I do not have a cat. I did manage to have seventeen houseguests though; charming, every last one of them.

I didn’t do what I did in 2006 and set up a home away from home for the purposes of hiding out. This year was largely work travel, but mostly pleasant work travel at that. Here’s the list for 2007 of places I stayed that were not my house. As before, stars indicate multiple visits to the exact same place. Numbers indicate number of distinct guestrooms at each location. If you’re a frequent business-type traveller too, or any type of traveller really, you might want to check out Dopplr a sort of social software type site for people who move around a lot. I’m on it under my usual name.

Somerville, MA * (2)
Hooksett, NH
San Francisco CA (2)
Manhattan, KS
Perth, AUS
Adelaide, South AUS
Robe, South AUS
Port Fairy, VIC
Geelong, VIC
Melbourne, VIC
Sydney, NSW
Randolph, VT
Kittery, ME
Brooklyn, NY *
Crystal City, VA (2)
Baltimore, MD
Dodge City, KS
Washington, DC
Suffern, NY
Sturbridge, MA (2)
Burlington, VT *
Barre, VT
Boxborough, MA
San Juan, PR
Ann Arbor, MI
Antrim, NH
Manchester, NH *
Westport, MA *
Portland, OR (2)
Seattle, WA
Tatamagouche, NS
Halifax, NS (2)
Antigonish, NS
Truro, NS
Victoria, BC (2)
Lansing, MI *
Dubai, UAE
Abu Dhabi UAE

Thanks as always to the people who put me up or came to visit or had a beer with me on the road or here.