my year in cities and towns, 2009

Places I stayed in 2009. I am hopefully not jinxing this by doing it three days early. This year I lived in one place for the entire year. I also had/have an out-of-town boyfriend so a lot of these places are his place. See it evolve! I’m pretty sure this is the zenith of days away, though maybe I always think that…. Thirty-five distinct places. Seventy-four photos. One hundred and sixteen nights, more or less.

As before, stars indicate multiple visits to the exact same place. Numbers indicate number of distinct guestrooms at each location. Past years: 2008 2007, 2006, 2005.

guestrooms 2009

Belmont, MA *
Cambridge, MA
Somerville, MA (2) *
Toronto, ON (2)
Mississauga, ON
Manchester, NH *
San Francisco, CA (2)
Boxboro, MA (2) *
Austin, TX
Westport, MA *
Crystal City, VA
New Haven, CT
Watertown, NY
Amherst, MA *
Long Branch, NJ
Ocean Grove, NJ
Springfield, MA
Athens, GA
Montreal QC (3) *
Kittery, ME *
Gloucester, MA
New Orleans, LA (2)
Lincolnville, ME
Trenton, ME
Lubec, ME
Bar Harbor, ME
Morgan, VT
East Village, NYC *
Fort Lee, NJ
Elko, NV
Des Moines, IA
Burlington, VT
Harrington, QC
Brooklyn, NY
Roslyn, NY

My year in cities and towns, 2007

There have been a few of these annual lists before this one — 2006, 2005. My guess, if I had to make one, is that this year marks the apogee for me travel-wise and I am likely to get closer to my own home in 2008, maybe. Then again I thought I’d make another post in 2007; I do know that “penultimate” does mean “second to last” and not “best.”

I travelled out of the country five times last year and out of North America twice. I stayed in 38 locations in 45-ish guestrooms and I took 59 photos of them. I was away from home 95 nights, it looks like. This is why I do not have a cat. I did manage to have seventeen houseguests though; charming, every last one of them.

I didn’t do what I did in 2006 and set up a home away from home for the purposes of hiding out. This year was largely work travel, but mostly pleasant work travel at that. Here’s the list for 2007 of places I stayed that were not my house. As before, stars indicate multiple visits to the exact same place. Numbers indicate number of distinct guestrooms at each location. If you’re a frequent business-type traveller too, or any type of traveller really, you might want to check out Dopplr a sort of social software type site for people who move around a lot. I’m on it under my usual name.

Somerville, MA * (2)
Hooksett, NH
San Francisco CA (2)
Manhattan, KS
Perth, AUS
Adelaide, South AUS
Robe, South AUS
Port Fairy, VIC
Geelong, VIC
Melbourne, VIC
Sydney, NSW
Randolph, VT
Kittery, ME
Brooklyn, NY *
Crystal City, VA (2)
Baltimore, MD
Dodge City, KS
Washington, DC
Suffern, NY
Sturbridge, MA (2)
Burlington, VT *
Barre, VT
Boxborough, MA
San Juan, PR
Ann Arbor, MI
Antrim, NH
Manchester, NH *
Westport, MA *
Portland, OR (2)
Seattle, WA
Tatamagouche, NS
Halifax, NS (2)
Antigonish, NS
Truro, NS
Victoria, BC (2)
Lansing, MI *
Dubai, UAE
Abu Dhabi UAE

Thanks as always to the people who put me up or came to visit or had a beer with me on the road or here.